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Full service auto repair

Licensed mechanics

Government inspections

Affordable service packages

Service includes a complimentary wash & vacuum.


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Meet the Team of Automotive Professionals at Andy’s Auto Center

Andy's Auto Center has been operating at its present location of 2467 Cousins Avenue in the Comox Valley since 1992.  We are a team-oriented auto repair business that believes in taking care of our employees as well as our customers.    

We reinvest in our team of licensed mechanics by providing them with ongoing training and certification opportunities related to the areas of automotive repair in which they express a personal interest. This improves the quality of services that we guarantee our customers.                                                                                       
Our entire team of automotive mechanics and our office support staff are committed to assuring customer safety.  A pro-active approach to being “Car Care Aware” ensures comfort, safety, and reliability for our customers.                                                                                        

The Andy's Auto Center Team is proudly committed to honesty, integrity and professionalism in the automotive repair industry.  Take a moment to learn a little more about each of us by clicking on our photos below.